Stock Loans for Eligible Shareholders

Securities-backed Loans that Let Shareholders Increase their Liquidity Without Selling

Mitigate Risk from Concentrated Positions

SLS is proud to present a revolutionary securities lending product that allows borrowers to obtain stock loans against their micro or small-cap securities in a fully compliant environment that meets all the requirements of the applicable regulations.

Eligible Shareholders

We fund loans on the following exchanges


Our office can fund loans for shares traded on over 52 exchanges worldwide


Flexible Loan Terms

Anyone who qualifies for a stock loan can take advantage of our 12, 24, or 36-month loan terms. Our loan interest rates are very competitive compared to traditional margin loans or bank loans.

The amount of your stock loan is determined by market conditions and securities type. We assess the Stock Loan Portfolio value with you to ensure you are satisfied with the size of the loan we can give you.

Immediate Liquidity

You don’t have to sell your stock or dispose of it completely. The benefits of stock loans is that:

  • You transfer the stock to our possession, and we give you the liquidity you need to cover personal expenses or for your next business venture.

  • You make fixed interest payments to us until the loan term is completed.

  • At the end of the loan, we transfer the ownership of the stock back to you.

  • Any default on the loan only affects the stock. Your stock is the only property used to secure the loan. There will be no seizure of the car, home, or other essential belongings in the event of default.

Investors love stock loans because they are non-recourse and efficient. These loans allow you to get funds fast while mitigating downside risk.


3-6 Day Closings

Stock loans provide you with immediate liquidity while allowing you to retain the upside potential of your stock position.


Portfolio Diversity

Stock loans provide you access to capital to diversify your portfolio and holdings in a creative way.


Risk Management

Stock loans help you mitigate risk and market conditions.


Fast Funds of Any Size

Because of the way stock loans are processed, we can typically fund loans faster than other types of institutions. This means you can have access to the money you need, even on short notice.

All you need to do is fill out an application on our website, no credit check required, and you can gain access to a loan based on the value of the stock. The entire process can be completed with funds entering your account within a few days.

We serve all kinds of businesses and individuals with loans ranging from $50,000 to $5 million.

Primary Markets We Serve

Our office has the ability to fund loans on over 52 exchanges worldwide

52 Exchanges Worldwide
North America


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Stock Loan Solutions Benefits


Why Choose Us?

Stock Loan Solutions is run by a family office based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Founded in 2008, we have deep experience in lending and capital markets.

Our office is centered around providing liquidity to shareholders through non-recourse stock loans that can accommodate a wider range of securities compared to traditional margin loans.

Often, our partners have clients who are stuck in illiquid or high-risk securities and are unable to deposit their shares to exit or reduce their risk. Our program provides shareholders with a simple and successful solution for creating immediate liquidity.

Whether your stock loan is $50,000 or over $5 million, we value your business and provide each of our clients with the finest service and utmost respect.

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