Paris Stock Exchange

If you're looking to diversify your portfolio and make cash available to pay expenses or invest in a new business venture, you should consider a stock loan. The borrowing option is a speedy way to increase liquidity.

Loans Against XPAR Listed Securities

Stock Loan Solutions is here to help you go through the process of borrowing against shares of stock held in your investment portfolio change, you'll have access to stock loans that other investors would have difficulty reaching. If you're curious about unlocking the value of your non-marginable securities without liquidating your shares, contact us at Stock Loan Solutions today.

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Paris Stock Exchange

About the Euronext Paris Exchange

The Euronext Paris exchange (XPAR) is part of Europe’s second-largest exchange called the Euronext NV, which formed in 2000. This collective of markets is second behind the UK’s London Stock Exchange Group. Other members of Euronext NV include Amsterdam, Lisbon, and Brussels.

The Euronext Paris market is France’s primary securities market. The institution oversees MATIF futures products as well as options on interest rate products and commodities. The XPAR also controls the MONEP, covering equity, index futures, and options.

The equities market in France is divided into three areas depending on a company’s size.. The three areas are the Premier, Second, and Nouveau Marche. Recently, the exchange created a fourth market called Marche Libre.

General Purpose Loan vs. Margin Loan

Our rates are very competitive compared to traditional margin loans!

$25K $50K $100K $500K
Stock Loan Solutions 10.000% 9.000% 8.000% 7.000%
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Fidelity 13.075% 12.125% 12.075% 11.825%
Charles Schwab 13.075% 12.125% 12.075% 11.825%

How Our Paris Stock Loans Work

Another way to refer to stock loans is securities-based lending. Our loans let you maintain ownership of your shares while providing you with cash to pay off debts and unexpected expenses. Unlike traditional loans, your cash will be available without you having to wait weeks to complete the approval process.

About Paris, France

Paris is the economic capital of France and part of the cultural hub of Central Europe. The city has a substantial population and maintains a rich culture.

Paris has two international airports, the second busiest metro in Europe, and many historic landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe.

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Paris Stock Loans Explained

You can qualify for a certain loan amount depending on three factors:

  • Share price

  • Number of shares you own

  • Trading volume

Unlike traditional loans, you only need to use your XPAR-listed shares to secure the loan. Our terms range anywhere between 12 and 36 months, depending on the payback schedule.

Once you’ve finished making the quarterly interest payments and have repaid the full loan amount, your shares will be returned to you.

Non-recourse Lending

With a non-recourse Paris stock loan using Euronext listed shares, the only security you need to provide is your XPAR shares. You do not have to put up your home, car, or other personal property to secure the loan.

If you are unable to repay your loan, the only recourse is the loss of your shares which will be used to repay the loan. Any such default won’t negatively affect your credit score.

Top-Notch Loan to Value (LTV) Ratio

Our team members will determine your loan amount using a formula to optimize the Loan to Value ratio.

We look at three unique factors to determine your loan amount:

  • Number of shares you own

  • Trading volume

  • Share price

In addition, we also look at current market conditions when determining the loan amount.

Credit Check Not Necessary

Our company has its own underwriting team that handles your loan package in-house. Since your loan is secured by your shares of stock, there is no need for our company to perform a credit check.

At Stock Loan Solutions, we are a direct lender, and our customer service tailors all lending options personally to you. Plus, you’ll always receive news and updates straight from our team members.

Efficient Closing and Funding

Our in-house underwriting team aims to close and fund your loan within 4 to 6 business days. After closing the loan, we wire the funds directly to the bank account that you’ve designated.

At Stock Loan Solutions, we work to expedite the traditional 2 to 4-week schedule for approving and funding loans. Our team works efficiently to secure your funding in a timely manner.

Flexible Terms and Interest Rates

We value our customers by providing competitive rates and term lengths, ranging from 24 to 60 months. Our underwriting team uses a base rate plus reviews your specific circumstances to determine your interest rate.

Make sure to get started with your application process as soon as possible to lock in the best rate.

Confidentiality You Can Trust

At Stock Loan Solutions, your privacy and confidentiality are our top priorities. We maintain your data on secure servers, protected by enterprise-class encryption.

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