Malaysia Stock Exchange

We are proud to help investors like you access the capital you need without permanently selling your shares. With our loans, you get to hold onto your XKLS securities while increasing liquidity. And, unlike with other lenders, the borrowing process is super simple.

Loans Against XKLS Listed Securities

It’s easy to qualify for our loan program. Once you submit your application, our team will quickly review it and move the process along towards funding. Ready to borrow against your XKLS securities? Schedule a 15-minute phone discussion using our live chat feature! We’re happy to answer your questions and help you with your application.

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Malaysia Stock Exchange

About Bursa Malaysia (XKLS)

Bursa Malaysia (XKLS) is the major stock exchange in Malaysia. It is located in Kuala Lumpur and used to be called the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange. Other former names include the Malayan Stockbrokers’ Association and the Malayan Stock Exchange.

Bursa Malaysia was originally founded in 1930. The exchange did not permit the public trading of shares until 1960. Today, it is the go-to exchange in Malaysia. Investors rely on its equities and bonds products, Derivatives Market, Islamic Capital Markets, etc.

General Purpose Loan vs. Margin Loan

Our rates are very competitive compared to traditional margin loans!

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Stock Loan Solutions 10.000% 9.000% 8.000% 7.000%
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Charles Schwab 13.075% 12.125% 12.075% 11.825%

About Malaysia

Located in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is surrounded by Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand. The country is known for its beautiful beaches and luscious rainforests. Its Malay culture is unique and features Indian, Chinese, and European influences. The country’s three main languages are Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil, but there are around 140 living languages!

Malaysia’s economy is prosperous with booming industries including tourism, agriculture, and infrastructure. Its capital, Kuala Lumpur, is very prosperous when it comes to financing and construction.

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How Malaysian Stock Loans Work

Generally speaking, a stock loan is when a borrower uses their shares of publicly traded stock to secure a loan. The lender will lend them a specified amount of money, which the borrower will pay back with interest. The borrower and lender will agree on specifics like interest rate, term length in a loan agreement.

If you own XKLS securities (securities listed on the Bursa Malaysia exchange), you are eligible for our Malaysian stock loans.

See below to learn more about how these loans work.

Non-Recourse Funding

With our non-recourse loans, your XKLS shares are the only form of security. This means that no personal guarantee is required.

If you were to default on your loan, the lender would obtain ownership of your XKLS securities. However, they would not be able to seek out additional sources of repayment for the loan. They would also not be able to file a claim that would hurt your credit score.

As you can see, our non-recourse loan program is a great way to access the cash you need without risking your personal financial wellbeing.

No Credit Checks

Your XKLS securities are the only security you need for your loan. This means that lenders won’t need to run a credit check on you. So, even if you have less-than-ideal credit, you can still be eligible!

Competitive Loan to Value (LTV) Ratios

Usually, a lender will lend you less than what your XKLS shares are worth in the open market. This protects them in case you end up defaulting. Some investors find this frustrating as they won’t get access to the full value of their shares.

Luckily, our firm offers the industry’s most competitive loan to value (LTV) ratios! This is possible because we don’t just consider the current value of your shares. We also consider their historical performance, trading volume, and overall market conditions.

With us, investors can get very competitive LTV ratios (45-60%!). Schedule an appointment with us today to see how much you qualify for.

Competitive Interest Rates

Like with our LTV ratios, our interest rates are among the most competitive in the industry. Apply ASAP to lock in the lowest possible rate!

Flexible Term Lengths

Our team will help you choose the ideal term length (anywhere from 24 to 60 months). This will ensure you get the funding you need while maximizing your budget.

Fast Transactions

Most lenders take around 2-3 weeks to close a stock loan. With us, the process only takes around 4-6 business days!

Our team will quickly review and approve your application. Upon closing. we wire the money directly to your bank account, giving you fast access to the cash you need.

100% Confidentiality

When you choose our loan program, you can rest knowing we protect your privacy. We store your information on secure servers and never share it with third parties. And, thanks to our top-of-the-line encryption software, all transactions are 100% confidential.

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To qualify for our Malaysian stock loans, all you need are XKLS securities. There must not be any trading restrictions on these securities.

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