Indonesia Stock Exchange

Stock loans are an excellent way to diversify your portfolio and get access to cash. For those looking to use their IDX shares to secure a loan, our team at Stock Loan Solutions is here to guide you through the process.

Loans Against IDX Listed Securities

Our company provides detailed information about stock loans so you can feel confident in your decision to partner with us. At Stock Loan Solutions, we can help you get a loan against shares of public companies that trade on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. If you're sick of waiting weeks or months for other lenders and want to close quickly, contact us today for a quote!

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Indonesia Stock Exchange

Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) at a Glance

The Indonesia Stock Exchange is the country’s central economic hub, located in the capital of Jakarta. The exchange is a combination of the Jakarta Stock Exchange and the Surabaya Stock Exchange which merged in 2007.

The original stock exchange opened under the Dutch colonial rule, but independence and the two World Wars caused closures and management changes. From 1977 to 1992, the exchange was public.

In the middle of 1992, the exchange went private. It was under the ownership of Jakarta Exchange Inc until 2007 when the merger with Surabaya Stock Exchange made the company public again.

General Purpose Loan vs. Margin Loan

Our rates are very competitive compared to traditional margin loans!

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How Our Indonesia Stock Loans Work

With our stock loans, you maintain ownership of your IDX-listed securities. Simultaneously, you can access cash to pay off debts or unexpected expenses by borrowing against your shares.

Rather than using your property or credit score to secure the loan, you only use your shares that trade on the IDX (Bursa Efek Indonesia) as security. Loan term periods are usually 36 months from closing.

Certain factors determine how much money you can borrow, including:

  • Share price

  • Number of shares you can pledge

  • Trading volume

You receive your funds after the loan underwriting process is complete, usually within five days. Once you pay off your loan in full, we will return your shares to you.

About Indonesia

Indonesia is an island nation located in south-east Asia. It is the fourth most populous place in the world.

The country gained independence from the Netherlands in 1949 after struggling for years. Indonesia is famous for its seismic and volcanic activity, its humid, tropical climate, and the fact that it is a collection of islands.

The island nation is active and involved in various international trade institutions such as ASEAN, OPEC, and the UN.

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Indonesia Stock Loans Overview

Here are some common questions that we get about the Indonesia stock loan process.

Borrowing without Personal Liability

Stock loans are a great option to help manage unfavorable borrowing conditions because your loan is fully secured by your IDX (Bursa Efek Indonesia) shares.

With a stock loan, in an event of default, your credit score will not be impacted. Unlike traditional loans, our loans do not require you to provide any personal guarantees.

This non-recourse financing means less liability for borrowers. Plus, you don’t need a personal surety to access stock loan options.

Outstanding Loan to Value (LTV) Ratios

Every case is unique, with various factors determining how much money you can borrow with your stock loan.

Stock Loan Solutions will offer you a fixed amount of money to borrow based on:

  • Number of shares you own

  • Trading volume

  • Share price

Closing and Funding in the Blink of an Eye

Because we use an in-house underwriting team, we can provide faster closing times for loans than most other companies.

Traditionally, securities lenders will give cash out two weeks after the initial application submission. At Stock Loan Solutions, we strive to have deals closed within 4 to 6 business days.

After closing , we will wire the money directly to your designated bank account.

Terms and Interest Rates That Suit You

As a premier stock loan lending company, we pride ourselves on our competitive rates. The terms of our loans can range anywhere between 24 and 60 months, depending on your payment schedule and needs.

Our rates are based on the prime rate. To get the best interest rate, make sure to complete an application as soon as possible.

No Need for Credit Checks

Because you’re using shares from your stock portfolio to secure the loan, our team does not need to check your credit score to approve you. As a direct lender, we tailor the customer service experience to you.

Lenders do not need to run credit checks for securities lending for one reason: they keep your shares, if you default on the loan. This type of lending works well for both lenders and borrowers.

Full Confidentiality

Your transactions are safe with us, and we will never share your information with anyone. We utilize encrypted software to store your data on secure servers.

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