Hungary Stock Loans

If you're an investor who owns stocks that trade on the Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE), you may be interested in the stock loan options that are available to you.

What Are Hungary Stock Loans?

For those interested, we offer stock loans to our clients who own stocks that trade on the BSE in Hungary. Learn how our BSE stock loans work , how you can qualify, and when you can expect the money below.

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Budapest Stock Exchange

Hungary and the Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE)

The Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE) is the successor to the first Hungarian exchange that was founded nearly 150 years ago in 1864. The current Budapest Stock Exchange arose from the institution’s reestablishment in 1990.

The BSE stands tall and prides itself on its high calibre level of service. The exchange complies with the standards of developed markets, and services issuers, traders, and investors from around the globe.

General Purpose Loan vs. Margin Loan

Our rates are very competitive compared to traditional margin loans!

$25K $50K $100K $500K
Stock Loan Solutions 10.000% 9.000% 8.000% 7.000%
E-Trade 13.700% 13.200% 12.700% 12.200%
Fidelity 13.075% 12.125% 12.075% 11.825%
Charles Schwab 13.075% 12.125% 12.075% 11.825%

Budapest Stock Exchange History

To process settlements more smoothly, the Budapest Stock Exchange uses central counterparty services together with KELER. The exchange based in Hungary boasts a wide range of products. In addition to debt securities and equities, the exchange also supports investment funds and international equities.

Currently, the BSE is owned by the National Bank of Hungary (NBH), whichtook ownership from the Österreichische Kontrollbank AG and Austrian CEESEG AG. The Budapest Stock Exchange is now in the fifth year of its new five-year strategic initiative .

What is a Stock Loan?

Before we dive into stock loans specifically, we want to review the basics of borrowing money. Borrowing money from a bank or other lending institution typically requires you to put up some form of security. This could be a house deed, a car title, or even other investments. If you own stock in publicly traded companies as part of your investments, you can take out a loan against the stock that you own.

Stock loans are also known as security-backed loans. This form of lending enables you to maintain ownership over the stocks that you already own that trade on the BSE in Hungary.

You’ll potentially be able to take out up to 60% of the total value of a stock you own that trades on the Budapest Stock Exchange. Every Stock Loan Solutions stock loan is non-recourse, meaning that if you default on the loan, you can walk away without damaging your credit.

As a borrower who owns shares in a publicly traded company, you can benefit from a stock loan. It just depends on your individual situation as to exactly how you will benefit from the loan.

How to Qualify?

To quality for one of our BSE stock loans, you have to meet three basic requirements:

  • You must be an owner of BSE securities

  • You must request a loan between USD50,000 and USD5 million

  • Your shares must be free from trading restrictions

If you aren’t sure how large of a loan you qualify for, talk to one of our representatives today. Our team would be happy to guide you through the process and answer any questions that you might have.

Advantages of Stock Loans

Our loans offer many advantages that will help give you a leg up in Hungary.

You’ll be able to:

  • Take out a loan no matter where you’re physically located in the world

  • Take advantage of the competitive loan-to-value ratios (anywhere from 45-60%)

  • Avoid a personal guarantee which means that if a default should occur, your credit score will be unaffected

  • Rest easily knowing your information stays confidential and secure

Plus, we provide very competitive interest rates no matter the amount you take out for your loan.

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Our Process

When you enter into a loan agreement with us, you are using the best solution to maintain ownership of the stocks that you own that trade on the Budapest Stock Exchange. With the loan proceeds, you’ll be able to pay off debt or take care of expenses.

Unlike other loans, you don’t have to personally guarantee your stock loan. You only put up your Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE) stock as security. These loans have a term length that varies from 24 months to 60 months.

When you apply to get a loan, the amount you’ll receive depends on a few factors:

  • Share price

  • How many shares you own

  • The current trading volume of the shares

Fortunately, we use an in-house underwriting team, meaning that you’ll be approved for your loan faster than at other places. A typical loan in Hungary will be funded within 5 days of the initial application. The interest is paid quarterly, and once you’ve paid the loan back in full, you’ll be transferred full control of the pledged shares.

Applying for a Stock Loan in Hungary

Don’t wait to close on a loan — the process is not intimidating. You can rest assured that our team will help you every step of the way.

With our team on your side, you’ll get the best value for your shares that trade on the Budapest Stock Exchange. We’ll offer you the best possible interest rate as well.

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