Hungary Stock Exchange

Stock loans are a low-risk way for investors to get the capital they need without having to sell their shares or taking on loans with high interest rates.

Loans Against BSE Listed Securities

Stock loans allow you to borrow against your investment portfolio while maintaining ownership of your shares. At Stock Loan Solutions, our dedicated team can help you take out loans against securities listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange. We can support most stock exchanges throughout the world. Keep reading to learn more about how stock loans work and why they might be a good fit for your financial goals.

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Budapest Stock Exchange

About Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE)

The precursor to the Budapest Stock Exchange, the Hungarian Stock Exchange began operation in 1864. Throughout the twentieth century, the Budapest Stock and Securities Exchange faced challenges and eventually dissolved in 1948. It reopened its doors as the Budapest Stock Exchange in 1990.

Today, the BSE is the second-largest exchange in Central and Eastern Europe. It offers liquidity and market capitalization, and it is the primary exchange in Hungary.

General Purpose Loan vs. Margin Loan

Our rates are very competitive compared to traditional margin loans!

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Stock Loan Solutions 10.000% 9.000% 8.000% 7.000%
E-Trade 13.700% 13.200% 12.700% 12.200%
Fidelity 13.075% 12.125% 12.075% 11.825%
Charles Schwab 13.075% 12.125% 12.075% 11.825%

What Does a Hungary Stock Loan Entail?

Stock loans are a form of securities-based lending. These loans give you access to valuable capital without stripping you of control of your shares.

To get a stock loan in Hungary, you need to own BSE securities. Let’s dive a little deeper into how securities lending works.

About Hungary

Hungary is a Central European country that borders Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Serbia, and Austria. With a population of roughly ten million people, the country features the world’s 54th largest economy in nominal GDP.

According to the 2011 census, 99% of the population speaks Hungarian. Some other commonly spoken languages include English, Russian, German, and French.

Hungary joined the European Union in 2004. It is also a member of many international organizations such as the United Nations, WTO, NATO, and the World Bank.

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Hungary Stock Loans Overview

Here are some common questions that we get about the Hungary stock loan process.

Separation from Personal Liability

Stock loans use your existing shares to secure your loan to ensure repayment . This form of lending protects you from personal liability. If you were to default on your loan, the only thing that it would affect would be the shares. Your home, vehicle, and other assets would not be at risk.

At Stock Loan Solutions, we reduce your liability even more. When taking out a stock loan with us, you do not need to worry about personally guaranteeing the loan. The only security is your shares.

Credit Checks Are Unnecessary

With your stocks serving as security, you do not need to worry about undergoing a credit check to obtain the funds you need. This policy may help people who do not have excellent credit scores, and it also helps speed up the funding process.

Exceptional Loan-to-Value Ratio

The loan to value (LTV) ratio is a crucial metric to consider when applying for a stock loan. This ratio determines how much money you can borrow relative to the value of your shares.

Lenders will look at the number of shares you own, the price, and the trading volume. We also look at the performance of the stock and the current conditions of the market.

At Stock Loan Solutions, we can usually offer LTV ratios between 45% and 60% of your shares’ value.

Fast Funding Process

Traditional lenders might have you waiting weeks or months to receive your money. At Stock Loan Solutions, we strive to fund all stock loans within four to six business days.

Often you will know your approval status for a loan in as little as 36 hours. Upon closing, we wire the funds directly to your bank account to make the process fast and easy.

Interest Rates and Terms that Work for You

We offer loan terms ranging from 24 to 60 months. Throughout your loan term, the only thing you have to pay is quarterly interest.

We calculate the interest rate based on the prime interest rate.Give yourself the best chance of locking in an exceptional interest rate by starting your application as soon as possible!

No Risks in Confidentiality

We take protecting client information seriously. You can rest assured that your information is stored securely on servers that use the industry-leading encryption software.

Why Should I Apply for a Hungary Stock Loan?

Now that you understand a bit more about how stock loans work, let’s explore why they might be a good fit.

Immediate Liquidity

Stock loans provide you with liquidity much faster than many other loan options. You will get the cash you need without giving up the investment portfolio you have worked hard to build. Stock loans provide the perfect way to diversify your investments and invest in new ventures without losing momentum.

Term Flexibility and Competitive Interest Rates

With securities lending, you can choose how long you want the length of the loan to be. We offer terms that are anywhere between 24 and 60 months, providing you with term flexibility. Along with competitive interest rates, stock loans are an attractive option for investors who need loans that work with their situation.

Lower Risk

Stock loans come with much lower risk because they use your shares to secure the loan. You would not have to worry about impacting your business ventures or personal property, if you were to default on the loan.

Securities lending provides a helpful way to obtain capital without putting your assets or business at unnecessary risk.

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