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Stock Loan 101

Discover How to Tap Into the Value of Your Non-Marginable Securities Quickly and Easily Without Having to Wait Weeks or Months for the Money

Diversify and Protect Your Wealth with a Stock Loan

Our revolutionary new securities lending program called StockLoan 101 is a non-recourse loan against shares of non-marginable securities. The stock loan amount is dependent on characteristics of the collateralized security including the number of shares, price, volatility, and other criteria.
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Stock loans offer you the flexibility of being able to walk away from the loan at any time without hurting your credit rating or having to bring in additional collateral or cash like you do with traditional margin loans. No personal guarantee is required for our stock loans.

No Credit Check Required

We are a direct lender and the loan is only secured by the stock portfolio. Our loan packages are all under-written in-house so you communicate directly with the lender and receive personalized service and attention to detail.

Competitive Loan To Value (LTV) Ratio

The loan to value we offer is based on market conditions, market sector, historical stock performance, and anticipated future stock performance. Typical LTV ratios range from 45-65%.

Fast Closing and Funding

Since our loans are underwritten in-house, we can get to closing quickly and fund your loan within 3-6 business days. Your funds will be wired directly into your bank account. Most lenders in this space have anticipated closing times of 2-3 weeks.

Low Interest Rates and Flexible Terms

We offer competitive rates based on the current prime interest rate and loan terms of 12, 24, and 36 months. Since rates can change, we encourage you to start the application process as soon as possible so we can lock you into the best rate.

Private and Confidential

Your transaction is completely private and confidential. All information regarding your loan is stored securely in our processing center, and only we have access to the details of your loan.

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Common Questions

What Is A Non-Recourse Stock Loan?

A non-recourse stock loan is a type of loan that uses shares in a publicly-traded company to secure the loan. It is an excellent way for individuals and business owners to tap into the value of their stock easily and quickly without having to wait too long for the money. 

Stock loans can be a critical financing source for entrepreneurs. A stock loan is a resource they can quickly access to fund business operations. 

The loan amount is determined by a loan to value (LTV) ratio which means the loan amount may be equal to 50% of the value of the shares needed to secure the loan.

In addition to other criteria, the maximum loan amount available to a borrower  depends on: 

  • Market conditions
  • Historical stock price and volume performance
  • Total number of shared owned
  • Market sector

Why Would Someone Want A Stock Loan?

The ability to convert a majority of the current market value of securities into cash without selling them outright is an attractive option for many shareholders. With that value unlocked from their shares, individuals and business owners can get the liquidity they need with ease and without visiting the bank.

Why Would Someone Want A Stock Loan?

The ability to convert a majority of the current market value of securities into cash without selling them outright is an attractive option for many shareholders. With that value unlocked from their shares, individuals and business owners can get the liquidity they need with ease and without visiting the bank.

What Are The Benefits of A Stock Loan?

Liquidity – Stock loans are a fantastic option when an individual or business owner needs a quick financing option. It turns equity into cash with ease.

Interest-only – No ambiguous or hidden charges; stock loans are an interest-only, transparent loan option. There are no never-ending charges that seem to extend the credit unnecessarily.

Accessible – Stock loans are available to almost anyone. You don’t need a credit check to access one for your individual or business needs. The process is painless and straightforward, and your money is delivered to you most conveniently.

Privacy – It provides borrowers with a trustworthy source of capital. All transactions are private and kept in strict confidence.

Competitive – Stock loans offer you competitive and flexible interest rates. You typically receive better terms than you would get from a traditional marginal loan.

How to Qualify For A Stock Loan

Step One

Complete our online loan calculator

To start applying for a stock loan, you would need to complete the loan calculator on our website where you will get an estimate of your potential loan size. We will respond to you within 15-30 minutes from the time of your request during business hours. If you apply after business hours, expect a response within the first hour of the next business day.

Step Two

Our team will be in touch to solidify the details

After receiving and reviewing your loan request from our calculator, one of our competent and experienced managers will reach out to you to confirm your information. The manager will also discuss the logistics of your loan and the next steps.

Step Three

Receive your money promptly in the most convenient way

Once the manager has clarified and discussed the logistics of the loan with you, your application and required paperwork will be processed speedily. We will then deliver your money in the most convenient (as indicated by you in your application form) manner.


What Our Customers Say

“I thought getting a stock loan was going to be much more difficult before meeting the team at Stock Loan Solutions. They showed me exactly what I needed to do, and we were able to close much quicker than I expected.”

Investor, Small Cap Medtech Company

“Stock Loan Solutions was so easy to work with. I was worried that getting a stock loan was going to be difficult and have complicated terms. I had heard some real horror stories about it taking months to close – even if you could find a place to get a loan. I closed in just eight days without any hassle.”

Affiliate, Small Cap Tech Company

“I shopped other lenders and couldn’t get a deal I liked. The team at Stock Loan Solutions worked with me on the loan terms and were very easy to deal with. Definitely recommend these guys.”

CEO, Small Cap Biotech Company
Stock Loan Solutions, LLC
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