Finland Stock Exchange

Do you need to diversify your portfolio, raise funds for a business investment, or just respond to an unexpected life event? If this is the case, consider a stock loan – a way to create liquidity without disposing of valuable investments.

Loans Against OMXH Listed Securities

Stock loans allow you to borrow against your investment portfolio while maintaining ownership of your shares in a publicly traded company . The value of your shares is used to determine the loan amount, and the team at Stock Loan Solutions can help you navigate the entire process. We strive to answer basic questions about stock loans here, specifically how it works with the Helsinki Stock Exchange (OMXH). For more information, schedule a 15-minute phone consultation through our live chat feature below. In the meantime, keep reading to learn about stock loans against OMXH listed securities.


Finland Stock Exchange

About Helsinki Stock Exchange (OMXH)

The Helsinki Stock Exchange is also known as the NASDAQ Helsinki and makes its home in the capital of Finland, Helsinki. It has been in operation since the first transaction on October 7, 1912.

In September 2008, it merged with the NASDAQ Nordic (OMX), resulting in a new name of OMX Helsinki. NASDAQ had acquired OMC earlier the same year, creating NASDAQ Helsinki. Other members of NASDAQ Nordic include:

  • NASDAQ Iceland
  • NASDAQ Stockholm
  • NASDAQ Copenhagen

The exchange operates with stocks traded in Euros, officially denoted by “€.”

General Purpose vs. Margin Loan

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How Our Finland Stock Loans Work

Before you divert your attention to planning a Finnish getaway, let’s talk more about NASDAQ Helsinki stock loans. This non-recourse loan program enables stock owners to retain ownership of their shares while accessing cash. This cash access is often needed to pay down debt, address unexpected expenses, or diversify a portfolio. For our Finland loans, we simply require existing shares that trade on the OMXH to secure your loan.

Find out more about some features of our non-recourse stock loans by continuing reading.

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Friendly Loan to Value (LTV) Ratios

The value of stocks is constantly rising and falling – that is the primary feature of the stock market after all! We have been in this business for a while so we know how to determine loan amounts based on share price , number of shares you own, and trading volume. We consider historical, present, and current market conditions to find the right value. Typically, we grant LTV ratios ranging from 45 – 60%.

Non-Recourse Financing

When you enter into a stock loan, you are not personally liable, so there is no impact to your credit rating in the event of a default. You will not have to provide any personal guarantee to secure the loan. Your shares are all that is needed for security.

No Credit Checks

Since the loan will be secured by your shares, there is no need for a credit check. Our in-house underwriters will determine your loan package based solely on the stock portfolio. We are a direct lender that provides personalized services, and we value and prioritize communication from start to finish in our loan process.

Flexible Term Lengths and Affordable Rates

Loan term lengths range from 12to 36months, and quarterly interest payments based on the prime rate are due throughout the life of the loan. Reach out soon to lock in a great interest rate.


Quick Closing and Funding

With ample underwriting experience, our team can offer a decision and deliver funding in four to six business days. The funds will be delivered to your bank account via wire.

Guaranteed Privacy and Security

We strive to ensure our clients’ confidentiality and privacy are maintained at all times. We also use enterprise-class t encryption software servers to protect your information.

Ready to Get Started With a Finland Stock Loan?

The first step to getting a stock loan is simply starting the application process. Our team is here to support you from step one. Start today to learn the fair value we can offer for your stocks and get the best interest rate.

The minimum requirements for a Finland stock loan are:

  • Stock that is free of restrictions
  • You own non-marginable shares that trade on the NASDAQ Helsinki exchange

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