Bucharest Stock Exchange

Do you have BVB-listed securities? If so, you’re in luck! You can use them to access the capital you need without having to sell your shares.

Loans Against BVB Listed Securities

This is possible thanks to our Romania stock loans. We provide you with cash, and you retain ownership of your shares once you pay off your loan. Best of all, there is no personal liability involved. Whether you need the cash for your business or for personal reasons, we’ve got you covered. Our Romania stock loans are a great option for investors. We offer some of the most competitive LTVs and interest rates in the industry. To get started, schedule your 15-minute phone call with us today! Our team is happy to tell you more and talk you through the terms.

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Bucharest Stock Exchange

About Bucharest Stock Exchange

The Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) is the primary exchange in Romania. Located in the capital city of Bucharest, BVB was officially inaugurated in 1882.

Throughout the years, the BVB has seen its fair share of ups and downs. Events like the Balkan Wars and the Romanian Uprising of 1907 have affected its performance. World War II and the establishment of Romania’s Communist regime forced the exchange to temporarily close.

Today, investors from across Romania rely on the BVB for trading. The exchange currently lists 88 companies on its regulated market.

General Purpose Loan vs. Margin Loan

Our rates are very competitive compared to traditional margin loans!

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How Our Romania Stock Loans Work

If you own shares of publicly traded companies in Romania, you likely bought them through the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB). This is the country’s most prominent exchange.

Your BVB-listed securities make you eligible for Romania stock loans. All you have to do is use your shares to secure your loan. A lender will determine how much they want to lend you. After getting the money, you will have to pay the loan back with interest. Loan terms may vary anywhere from 12 to 36 months.

If you default on the loan, the lender will use the proceeds from selling the BVB shares to close out your loan. Since this is a non-recourse loan, no other personal property or guarantees is required to secure the loan.

Learn more about our Romania stock loans by reading on more.

About Romania

Romania is Europe’s twelfth-largest country by land area. The nation is located at the crossroads of Eastern, Southeastern, and Central Europe. Its neighbors are Ukraine, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Moldova, and the Black Sea.

Even though it became a socialist republic after World War II, Romania has since transitioned to a democracy and market economy. Prominent industries include tourism, infrastructure, and science and technology.

Romania has several notable natural landmarks including the Danube Delta and Moldoveanu Peak. The country also has a unique culture. Most natives speak Romanian, but Hungarian and Vlax Romani are other popular languages. Despite being a secular state, the country’s primary religion is Orthodox Christianity.

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Romanian Stock Loans Explained

Want to learn more about how our Romanian stock loans work? See below:

Non-Recourse Financing

With other types of loans, you are personally liable. Defaulting on those loans may result in the confiscation of your belongings, a reduction in your credit score, etc.

With Romania stock loans, your BVB shares are the only means of securing the loan. You won’t lose your personal assets nor negatively hurt your credit score. Our stock loans will get you the money you need while protecting your personal finances.

No Credit Checks

We do not conduct credit checks on applicants. This is because your shares secure the loan. So, even if you have poor credit, if you own stocks on the BVB, you can still qualify. Contact us today to learn more!

High Loan to Value (LTV) Ratios

How much money you can get depends on the value of your shares. To protect against a loss, a lender will lend you less than what your shares are actually worth.

Luckily, Stock Loan Solutions maximizes the amount of money you can get. We have some of the highest loan to value (LTV) ratios in the industry. Our investors typically get LTV ratios of 45-60%. With us, you can be assured you’re making the most of your BVB shares.

Low Interest Rates

Investors often choose our Romania stock loans because of the low interest rates. We are able to offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry. Lock in the lowest possible rate by contacting us today!

Adaptable Term Lengths

Some investors want shorter term lengths to pay off their debt more quickly. Others want longer terms to have a lower monthly payment.

Typically, our terms last anywhere from 12 to 36 months. We will work with you to settle on the best term for your individual borrowing needs.

Fast Funding

Our team doesn’t mess around. We will review and approve your application as soon as possible.

You won’t have to wait the standard 2-3 weeks to get the money. With us, you’ll have access to your cash in as little as 4-6 business days. We will wire the funds directly to your bank account.

Privacy and Confidentiality Guaranteed

We always put our investors’ safety first. With us, you can rest knowing we provide 100% privacy and confidentiality. We use the industry’s leading encryption software to keep your information safe.

Advantages of Romania Stock Loans

Why might an investor choose Romania stock loans over other types of lending?

Romania stock loans come with many advantages. For one, there is no personal liability attached to them. The lender will only not return your BVB shares if you default. Defaulting will not hurt your credit or cause you to lose other assets.

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