What’s Left for 2019?: Here’s the Stock Market Forecast

What’s Left for 2019?: Here’s the Stock Market Forecast

Life is full of ups and downs. The stock market is is no different but, if you know what you are doing, that is exactly how you use it to your advantage to make money.

Every day, hundreds of millions of dollars worth of stock are traded. There is plenty of money to be made but you must be informed about the stock market forecast.

There is still time in 2019 to make your mark. Read on to find out what the experts are saying about what will happen during the coming months.

Your 2019 Stock Market Forecast: Next 6 Months

Unlike meteorology, experts in the field of economics can make surprisingly accurate stock market predictions. If you are an active investor, you are going to want to be sure you have all the necessary information. Newbies will want to make double sure they read about the stock predictions before diving in.

Stock loan financing is being lauded as extremely helpful for those wishing to invest. It going to continue to be a popular method among seasoned traders.

With all the news going around about the tariffs, Trump’s erratic tweeting, and the ongoing developments with the oil situation in South America, it can be a little daunting, to say the least.

Where Is The Stock Market Headed?

It has certainly been a fascinating three quarters if you’ve been following the stock market news. However, most gurus in the field are quite optimistic that there is going to be a significant climb in the upcoming month.

Optimism has certainly been lacking but this may be due to general anxiety from world events rather than poor market performance. In fact, top-level strategists are predicting that 2019 will see the S&P 500 market index closing at 20% higher than it did in 2018.

In other words, the market is fully poised to shake off any lingering optimism and rally. In fact, they predict the market to come roaring back. There is certainly a lot of opportunity here. The stock market forecast looks bright.

Stock Market Predictions 2019: Optimism In Times Of Worry

You have probably heard plenty of talk about how the big news stories about different conflicts around the world will affect the stock market. It’s normal to worry about what will happen because of the “trade war” between Trump and China’s Jinping.

Trump aims to impose tariffs on China over trade issues and now he has threatened to hit Mexico with tariffs as a way to persuade them to quell illegal immigration into the US. These antics have to lead to much uncertainty but the experts are recommending calm.

What’s The Bad News

This will not be without repercussions, however. The bonds market is expected to continue to decline and may hit lows not seen since September. Unfortunately, the tariffs are expected to hurt some small businesses that depend on Chinese imports.

Some estimates indicate that S&P 500 companies’ earning per share my drop slightly. However, it is not all so bleak. S&P Capital IQ reports a modest increase of S&P 500 earnings from the first quarter.

Invest Like An Expert

The lure of getting rich through investing is enough to entice many people to try. And with good reason; there are millions and billions of dollars to be made. The stock market forecast predicts a lot of money.

Don’t go it alone, however. There are bad investors and then there are those who make money off them. You know which group you want to belong to.

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