Invest Right for 2020: Start the Year off with the Top Stocks to Buy

Invest Right for 2020: Start the Year off with the Top Stocks to Buy

The 2010s are certainly ending on stronger footing than the previous decade, at least as it pertains to stockholders. The market is holding strong against tumultuous events around the world, and many people have seen gains in money they’ve invested over the past years. 

Interest rates are still low, meaning the market is ripe for wealth creation for any and all Americans. But what stocks should you be investing in? You might not know, especially if you’re new to the stock market.

Read on, and we’ll walk you through what the top stocks to buy are right at this moment. 


Technology is always one area of the stock market in most smart investors have an eye on. You might be surprised to hear that the smartest tech investment right now is in one of the oldest companies: Microsoft.

Microsoft is one of the only major tech companies not being looked into by antitrust regulators currently, meaning things should be consistent for the months to come.

Despite Microsoft’s enormous size, it’s been able to provide above-market growth quarter after quarter. The company’s acquisition of LinkedIn back in 2016 has continued to bolster the company’s financial successes. If you’re looking for a strong and stable investment to start 2020 off right, look no further. 


If you’re long for another reliable stock to invest in, why not consider this Baltimore-based health and wellness company? With a stellar growth rate and earning potential, it’s a real surprise that the company is trading as low as it is currently. All the more reason to swoop in while you still can, especially if you’re interested in a short-sell.

The Maryland company boasted great sales growth last quarter specifically, at a rate of 37%. The company sells weight loss and nutrition products, such as bars and shakes. 

The trading price may be low right now due to a security breach that hit the company some weeks back. That problem has been remedied now, but there’s still a window to take advantage of this low price before it rises to unknown heights. 

United Rentals

Another potentially exciting addition to your portfolio? United Rentals, the equipment rental service that’s been a bolster for many’s investing hopes for some time.

United Rentals has been aggressive these past few years, pursuing various acquisitions and building its market share. These acquisitions have begun to pay off for the company, as cash flow has increased over one-hundred percent from the start of the year.

This means a bright future might be ahead for the company, one that shrewd investors would be well to consider joining in on. The stock is still trading at low values, meaning this can be a steal if you act fast and invest while the getting is good. 

The Best Stocks To Buy Right Now

If you’re looking for the best stocks to buy at this very moment, you can’t beat the above. Need help getting the funds you need to invest? Reach out to us for assistance. 

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