Expert Investment Advice for 2018 and Beyond

Expert Investment Advice for 2018 and Beyond

The majority of U.S. billionaires are self-made. But bad investment advice can cripple even a smart investor.

And it’s a tricky time to invest.

With uncertainty in Fed rates muddying the financial waters, it’s hard to know how to turn cash into wealth, especially for first-time stock buyers or new investors.

There’s no need to fret.

Here is some real investment advice from the experts to navigate 2018 and cash-in throughout the future.

Top Investment Advice: Pay the Future a Salary

The top financial experts agree that the first step in profitable investing is setting aside money every paycheck.

Especially in uncertain markets, having a routine can steady the money flow and cut down emotional moves. It also means money is always there, growing, even when other pieces of the market might not be.

Once funds are stable, what do experts say to do with it?

Spread Out Wealth: Diversify

Spreading money around is an easy way to stay the course in choppy financial waters. By putting money in a few different areas, the investor is protected from big market-wide dips.

It also frees up funds for unique investing opportunities and boosts earning potential by opening up many sources of income.

Where do experts say to invest?

Smarter Money Investments from the Pros

No matter how sound the saving strategy, picking the right places to put money can be hard to nail down. Luckily, the finance pros have some solid suggestions.

Ride the Bull

Take advantage of financial markets. Last year, the S&P 500 saw one of the strongest runs since the 1950s. There is room for investors to score major capital through market booms.

Even when upward trends flip, pro investors like Warren Buffet say long-term investments in financial markets are the right move.

But experts also have investment advice for anyone looking to free up cash.

Get Liquid with Stock Loans

It’s not always a good option to cash-in stocks. Many finance professionals peg stock loans as a great way to get fast access to money without selling stocks.

Stock loans pay investors for their stock and give them back when the loan is paid off. That means investors can grow wealth and spread out money without losing their stocks.

Dodge Debt: Cut the Strings

Experts suggest considering non-recourse loans. These focus on collateral or actual items. Think real estate.

Because there aren’t added debts hanging over non-recourse loans if things go south the investor is just out the item. That means there is less risk of getting burned financially.

It’s one reason investments in things like real estate can be especially attractive. Real estate is known for making millionaires and is still considered one of the safest bets out there.

But when it comes to making money and securing a future, why not take advantage of every resource available?

Tap into Expert Advice

There’s no need to feel lost with so much access to professional investment advice. Money experts can help make financial management simple.

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