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Stock Lending 101: Your Questions Answered

January 03, 20243 min read

If you are interested or active in the investment or finance industry, you may have heard about stock lending. It can be an effective way to get money when you need it most.

This term isn't often used outside of those financial markets that include stocks as assets or loan collateral. And, even if you are within this circle, you may not have had any experience with stock lending, and may not fully understand what this term means.

If you are a stockholder/trader, an investment broker or investor, or are otherwise involved in the stock market trade or financial industry, a circumstance might arise when you need to know about stock loans. And, it could even turn out that this type of loan could benefit you.

Are you unfamiliar with securities-backed lending?

If you answered yes, then this post is for you.

Read on to have your questions about stock loans answered here!

What is "Stock Lending"?

Stock lending is when stock owners are provided a loan by lenders. usually in the form of cash.

The stockholder usually has a liquidity issue where they are unable to sell a stock for a variety of reasons, but they want to raise money quickly. The lender provides capital in exchange for the stockholder transferring their stock over.

Like other types of loans, the borrower must put up collateral, as a form of security. In this case, the collateral is in the form of stock to receive the loan.

The loan amount is based on the market value of the stocks that are made available as collateral, and usually, at a discount based on market risk. This means that the market value of the stocks would generally surpass the value of the loan amount.

Who Might Borrow Stocks and Why?

Typically, investors, affiliates, and company executives rely on stock loans for a variety of reasons. Usually, it is because they are unable to liquidate a particular stock they own in order to receive the funds needed to make a large purchase or to meet another financial obligation.

Stock loans are also commonly associated with short-selling.

Short selling is the process of selling stocks and buying them back.

In this case, the borrower is lent shares to sell from their broker, and they sell the stock when the price is high. When the price drops, the borrower buys the stock back and "returns" the shares to their broker. Their goal is to time the transactions so that the greatest potential profit can be made.

Short selling can be risky because a stock price may move up quickly, and there is no guarantee that the stock will be available at the right price when the original owners wants them back.

Could a Stock Loan Benefit You?

Now that you know a little more about stock lending, you might be wondering if it's something you should try.

Stock loans can be helpful in getting you money quickly, at a time when you need it.

Contact Stock Loans Solutions today to get the loan you need now!


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