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5 Stock Investment Strategies of Successful Investors

January 03, 20244 min read

Becoming a successful investor requires a lot of research.

But, the best stock investment strategies are usually kept under wraps by the top end investors to keep the ball in their court. They don't want upstart investors coming in and shaking things up because success comes with a lack of competition.

Stock market advice is usually a bit of a crap chute, but we're going to give you some tips today that you cannot ignore. Strategy is everything when it comes to making money in investing, so let us guide you with 5 of the best ones that the pros don't want you to know about.

Successful Stock Investment Strategies

Choosing the right strategy can be hard. You've got to remember that going rogue isn't going to help you with investment. Be smart, follow trends, stay on top of your research, follow these tips, and you should be fine.

1. Invest With Head, Not Heart

Having a stable temperament and keeping your emotions from influencing your decisions will allow you to make sensible investments. A lot of bad investors become overactive with trading when they see that something isn't doing well or when something does really well.

Use your head, think critically, and control any urges that you have. The stock market is volatile and if you buy in too much to what so-called "experts" are saying, you'll end up in trouble.

2. Don't Look Too Much

Sometimes it's better to just let things breathe. Some investors make a habit of looking at their stocks all day, every day. This goes back to the TV expert thing - if you're attuned to stock market channels and websites, you're constantly bombarded with information, some of which is irrelevant.

The more you look at your portfolio, the more likely you are to see flaws in your strategy and make trades. That can quickly lead to erratic investing behavior. 

3. Plan for the Long-Term

The way that stocks are measured nowadays is in unfathomably small amounts of time. The computers that update how stocks are performing do so in "picoseconds", which is a trillionth of a second. If you plan for the short-term, you're going to burn yourself.

It's better to have a long-term, meaning years or decades, plan in place for your investments. Remember that you're investing in a company, not the little symbol that represents it in the market. That effectively makes you a part-owner of the company, so you should only invest in things you believe in.

4. It's a Gradual Process

Once every couple of weeks or once a month, sit down with your portfolio and do a quick analysis of what you've got. Write down what you've got and what makes it worth keeping and what would make you sell.

Again, you shouldn't even look at the small fluctuations that you've been noticing over the last few months, but what is the company doing. Similarly, you should write down stocks that you're considering buying and use the same process.

What interests you about the company? How are you going to judge the success of the stock? What are the potential downfalls?

Being thorough with research will help you make informed decisions.

5. Get What You Want

Get the stocks you want. Of course, you've got to cost into account and you never want to overspend. The more active you are in the market, the more money you're giving away to fees and commissions.

Feeling connected to your portfolio is incredibly important, but sometimes personal financial problems can get in the way. Fortunately, there are services in place that allow you to hang on to your stocks long-term when the going gets tough. 

Investing in what you believe in is the most important piece of advice that we can give.

Enjoy Yourself

You can slave over stock investment strategies, but if you're not enjoying being an investor, what's the point? Invest in companies that you care about and focus on that rather than making a fortune.

If you believe in something, the money part will work itself out. Contact Stock Loan Solutions when you need capital and have a stock that you want to hang on to. Our loan program allows you to pledge your shares and receive cash at a discount.


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