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Five reasons you should choose StockLoan Solutions for your loan:

  1. Our management team has over 58 years of combined experience in the lending and stock marketplace.
  2. We offer very competitive rates and a variety of loan packages.
  3. We are a direct lender. Our loan packages are under-written in-house so you communicate directly with the lender and receive personalized service and attention to detail.
  4. We charge no up-front fees and provide you with a full disclosure document package that includes a "truth in lending statement" and clearly specifies the terms of our loans.
  5. Whether the loan is $10,000 or over $1 million, we value your business and provide each of our customers with the finest service and utmost respect.

What type of stock can qualify for a loan?

We offer a wide variety of loans and lend against nano, pink sheet, bulletin board, and big board stock. Contact one of our account executives today or fill out our online application to find out what type of loan package we can offer you using your specific stock position as collateral.

Why is a stock loan better than a margin loan?

Stock loans offer you the flexibility of being able to walk away from the loan at anytime without hurting your credit rating or having to bring in additional collateral or cash like many have had to do with traditional margin loans.

Three reasons you should consider a stock loan:

  1. Stock loans provide you with immediate liquidity while allowing you to retain the upside potential of your stock position.
  2. Stock loans help you mitigate risk and market conditions.
  3. Stock loans provide you access to capital to diversify your portfolio and holdings in a creative way.

What interest rates do you offer?

We offer competitive rates.Our interest rates are based off the current prime interest rate. Since that rate can change, we encourage you to contact one of our account executives and let them walk you through the process and lock you into the best rate possible.

How much money will you lend me against my stock?

Enter your stock position into our quick quote calculator for an estimate of the loan we can offer you. It's a very simple process, just enter your stock symbol and the number of shares you plan to pledge.

What are the "typical" loan terms?

We have a variety of loan products including terms of 12, 24 and 36 months. We also offer flexible terms of monthly or quarterly interest payments. The loan to value we offer is based on market conditions, market sector, historical stock performance and anticipated future stock performance.